Privilege Programs

Thailand Privilege Programs Overview

Thailand Privilege Program offers the unique opportunity to get the country’s resident visa for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years and receive exclusive privileges and additional complimentary services and benefits. We offer 4 types of Privilege Programs that have basic features such as Airport Service (escort on arrival and departure, personal assistance through immigration), Government Concierge Service and a 24-hour Contact Center as well as the additional privileges that available via using privilege points and complimentary benefits that depend on the membership program you have. 

Learn more which Thailand Privilege Membership meets your needs. Check out our Privilege Programs comparison chart and let us know what fits you the best!


5 Year Privilege Program

Gold Membership

The Gold Membership offers you a life of value during your stay in Thailand, providing a diverse range of living choices.

  • Membership Fee: THB 900,000 (VAT included)
  • Membership Validity: 5 years
  • 20 Points per year

10 Year Privilege Program

Platinum Membership

The Platinum Membership grants you the opportunity to relish any desired living experience in Thailand, offering an expanded array of choices and an extended stay duration.

  • Membership Fee : THB 1,500,000 (VAT included)
  • Membership Validity : 10 years
  • Additional Membership* Fee: THB 1,000,000 (VAT included/Each)
  • 35 Points per year

15 Year Privilege Program

Diamond Membership

The Diamond Membership, experience a redefined luxury living in Thailand, offering a maximum 15-year stay with exclusive access and privileges tailored to your desired living experience.

  • Membership Fee : THB 2,500,000 (VAT included)
  • Membership Validity : 15 years
  • Additional Membership* Fee: THB 1,500,000 (VAT included/Each)
  • 55 Points per year

20 Year Privilege Program

Reserve Membership

Introducing the Reserve Card, the most exclusive package, offering a level of luxury that money can't buy.

  • Membership Fee : THB 5,000,000 (VAT included)
  • Membership Validity : 20 years
  • Additional Membership* Fee: THB 2,000,000 (VAT included/Each)
  • 120 Points per year

Thailand Privilege Membership Comparison

Membership Program InformationGoldPlatinumDiamondReserve
** Invitation Only or Must go through an application procedure with TPC **
1. Membership Card Validity5 years10 years15 years20 years *
2. Primary Membership CardMembership Fee (Vat included)THB 900,000 per personTHB 1,500,000 per person
(main member)
THB 2,500,000 per person
(main member)
THB 5,000,000 per person
(main member)
Privilege Points20 Points per year35 Points per year55 Points per year120 Points per year
3. Supplementary Membership CardMembership Fee (Vat included)THB 1,000,000 per person
(additional member)
THB 1,500,000 per person
(additional member)
THB 2,000,000 per person
(additional member)
Privilege PointsCan be shared with the
Primary Membership Card
(main member)
Can be shared with the
Primary Membership Card
(main member)
Can be shared with the
Primary Membership Card
(main member)
4. Membership TransferYes
5. Upgrade to Individual Membership (as per the conditions specified by the company)YesYesYes
Privileges of each Membership ProgramGoldPlatinumDiamondReserve
1. Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
2. Premium Lane (International Airport: Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai, Phuket)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
3. Wealth AdvisoryYesYesYesYes
4. Member Contact Center (MCC)YesYesYesDedicated Line
5. Seasonal Privileges & GiftYes
6. Priority ServiceYes
7. Pick-Up Service (90-Day Report)Yes
Complimentary (Benefits are subject to change each year.)GoldPlatinumDiamondReserve
1. Health CheckOnce / membership validityOnce / membership validityOnce / membership validity1 time per year
2. Free One-Night Stay from Anantara Vacation Club* (first year only)YesYesYesYes
3. Birthday GiftYesYesYes
4. Movie Ticket Buy 1 Get 1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
5. Personal Accident Insurance (PA) (first year only)180 days180 days365 days365 days
6. Personal Shopping Assistant / Premium Lounge / ParkingAdvance AppointmentAdvance AppointmentAdvance AppointmentAdvance Appointment
7. Co-working Space4 timesYes
8. Leading Restaurant, Store, DiscountsYesYesYesYes
9. Free Domestic Flight (1 Ticket per year)YesYes
10. Hotel Fitness (Limited per month)Yes
11. One Free Night at Accor Hotel (in Asia Pacific)Yes
12. Hotel Membership Accor PlusYes
13. Birthday River Cruise 50% DiscountYes
14. Grab Voucher 1,500 Baht (first year only)Yes
15. Up to 50% Dining DiscountYes
Benefits (Privilege Point Redemption)GoldPlatinumDiamondReserve
1. Signature Service: Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) for Bank Service / Driver License / Government Service / 90-Day ReportPoint RedemptionPoint RedemptionPoint RedemptionPoint Redemption

2. Stay

• Hotel Night Buy 1 Get 1

• Hotel Nights Buy 2 Get 1

3. Travel

• Domestic Flight

• Airport Transfer

• Airport Lounge

• Limousine / Car Rental

• River Cruise

4. Health & Well-Being

• Spa & Massage

• Annual Health Check / Dental Care

• Health & Wellness Program

• Fitness (Hotel & Chain Fitness)

5. Wealth : Insurance / Seminar

6. Leisure

• Golf (Green Fee only)

• Entertainment Ticket (Concert / Movie / Sports)

Point RedemptionPoint Redemption1st Priority Booking1st Priority Booking
• RestaurantsPoint RedemptionPoint Redemption1st Priority Booking1st Priority Booking
• ShoppingPoint RedemptionPoint RedemptionPoint RedemptionPoint Redemption
• Co-Working SpacePoint RedemptionPoint RedemptionPoint RedemptionComplimentary
• Networking EventPoint RedemptionPoint RedemptionComplimentaryComplimentary


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