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HIS Thailand Commemorates Successful Partnership and Announces New Thailand Privilege Membership Programs

HIS Thailand Commemorates Successful Partnership and Announces New Thailand Privilege Membership Programs

BANGKOKJan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — H.I.S. Tours Co. Ltd. (HIS Thailand), a Thailand-based travel agency and authorised agent for Thailand Privilege Membership Programs, formerly known as Thailand Elite Membership Programs, is proud to commemorate their successful three-year partnership with Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (TPC). To mark this milestone and TPC’s 20th-anniversary rebranding in October 2023, HIS Thailand has launched a new website, his-thailandprivilege.comto enhance access to TPC’s newly revamped membership programs.

The new Thailand Privilege memberships – Gold Membership (5 years), Platinum Membership (10 years), Diamond Membership (15 years), and Reserve Membership (20 years) – offer international residents comprehensive privileges and benefits tailored to their needs through the accrual of Privilege Points.

As an authorised agent, HIS Thailand’s exclusive benefits to customers applying through its website include gift vouchers for flights, hotels, tours, and shopping that can be used at top department stores in Thailand. HIS Thailand also provides comprehensive customer service and support.

HIS Thailand has served hundreds of satisfied Thailand Privilege members over the past three years and continues to provide comprehensive customer service and support.

TPC President Manatase Annawat commented, “The Thailand Privilege Card has reached an impressive 20-year milestone, and we introduced significant rebranding and enhancement of benefits to ensure utmost satisfaction and convenience for international residents aspiring to establish long-term residency in Thailand.”

“HIS has continuously developed services to cater to the evolving needs of international residents seeking long-term residency in Thailand. We are proud to achieve impressive results and serve successful Thailand Privilege members who receive exclusive privileges and additional complimentary services, HIS will continue to enhance the visibility of new Privilege Membership Programs in key markets and foster dynamic growth.” said MrNorikazu Tsuda, Managing Director of HIS Thailand.

With TPC’s rebranding and HIS Thailand’s relaunched website, those interested in Thailand’s new residency programs can easily apply online or contact HIS Thailand to learn more. Readers can visit to discover the privileges, benefits and exclusive experiences the reinvented Thailand Privilege memberships offer.

About HIS Thailand

HIS Thailand is a Thailand-based travel agency established in 1997 in Bangkok. With nine branches in Thailand, it offers travel services for domestic and international travellers. It is fully supported by its parent, HIS Japan, with its global network, ensuring customers globally can have their travel needs met.

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